Art of iPhone Self-Portraiture with Susan Tuttle


Create Beautiful Photo Art … with Nothing But Your iPhone
While Exploring the Exquisite World of Artistic Self-Portraiture”

What if you could take nothing more than your iPhone … and create with it an amazing body of work, rich in content and expression — even if you were the only subject you ever shot?

iPhone Image by Susan Tuttle

To those who have never encountered serious iPhone photo art, the reaction when they do see it is always the same: stunned disbelief.

“You created THAT on your iPhone?”

The entire camera industry has taken a serious hit recently because more and more people are realizing just how easy (and just how convenient) it is to simply shoot with the cameras on their smartphones.


For one, you’re carrying it everywhere with you anyhow. Doesn’t weigh anything. Compared to lugging around a heavy DSLR and zoom lens and having to toggle through half a dozen settings before you hit the shutter, pulling out your iPhone and snapping off a photo is the easiest thing in the world.

What’s more, the camera on an iPhone — small as it might be — is really quite excellent. And the images you can capture with an iPhone shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Especially if you know what you are doing.

iPhone Image by Susan Tuttle

And with the recent advent of serious photography apps, the sheer capabilities of an iPhone are staggering. If you know how to combine the right apps in the right order, you can achieve effects right there on your phone that rival the capacities of a program as advanced (and expensive) as Adobe Photoshop.

Then, with a simple tap, you can send your new work of art to Facebook, post it to Twitter or Instagram or Flickr, even share it with a fellow artist as you ping-pong the composition back and forth to see where each of you can take it.

The creative possibilities are limitless.

Self-portraiture makes for an especially powerful opportunity to explore your artistic side. If your phone is always with you, it’s even more obvious that YOU are always with you. Taking photos of yourself (whether full portraits or close-ups or just bits and pieces of you) is not only fun, it’s also creatively invigorating. In its own way, taking “selfies” becomes a way of celebrating your life and taking your everyday world and transforming it into something magical.

“There is something absolutely fascinating about carefully executed artistic self-portraits: They are conduits of discovery. And when explored, I believe they invariably come to shape us as artists.” — Sebastian Michaels

iPhone Image by Susan Tuttle

Of course, we have to face the facts: just owning an iPhone and knowing how to flip on the camera isn’t enough.

Millions of people take millions of photos every day … and the vast majority of them are nothing more than trivial snapshots.

Serious photography is something altogether different.

As is serious artistic photography.

And that is where it gets exciting. Because if you are reading this, you are in for a treat. Here’s why: Acclaimed photographer and author Susan Tuttle has just put together a complete course on shooting serious artistic photos — particularly self-portraits — with your iPhone.

Whether you shoot portraits of others or take up the challenge of exploring the rich world of creative self-portraiture, this course can take your entire artistic life to a new place.

(Watch this short video to see some beautiful
examples of artistic self-portraiture …)

There is no other iPhoneography course like this available anywhere. In it, you will …

  • Learn how to take great iPhone photos: Explore the tricks that enable you to create pro-quality images with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad (while saving you all the endless grief and frustration others struggle with until they throw in the towel).
  • Immerse yourself in a wide range of creative ideas for obtaining truly powerful self-portraits: Get inspired through a plethora of ideas for making your art unique and fun to create. You will have 10 core lessons (comprising 22 videos) plus a bunch of additional content to help you make the most of your work.
  • Master dozens of techniques for leveraging the most important iPhone apps to create intricately crafted compositions: Take advantage of all the best apps (without losing your way among them) and discover the best ways of stacking their effects to accomplish miraculous results.

iPhone Image by Susan Tuttle

This course will open up to you a whole new realm of artistic exploration. The techniques Susan covers will fascinate you, and her approach to creating images will inspire you with ideas for dozens (even hundreds) of compositions you will be able to shoot and edit for your own emerging online portfolio.

You will also be invited to join in on the private Flickr group set up expressly for students going through the course. Here you will find even more inspiration and camaraderie.

And regular ongoing class assignments will keep you on your toes and push you to USE the techniques you are learning in the course.

Indeed, the advantages to enrolling in the course are already stacking up:

  • Get in today and secure access to the training for LIFE.
  • Get in today and snag a collection of pro-quality textures and overlays you can start using in the course right from the start. (One set Susan created herself, but you will also get access to added special bonus sets by pro artists Cheryl Tarrant of DistressedFX and Denise Love of 2 Lil Owls Studio — both created expressly for this course!)
  • Get in today and lock in your premiere enrollment for life, qualifying you to receive any new bonus content ever offered in the future — including one surprise unannounced bonus that we can’t yet disclose but will make your jaw hit the floor when you see it turn up in the bonus section of the training site..


Don’t pass up this opportunity to infuse every day of your life with new artistic discoveries, amazing new compositions, fantastic epiphanies of self-realization.

Art is everywhere. But you must nurture your capabilities of SEEING it.

Of creating it.

Of crafting it out of the moments that make up your life.

Learning to fashion art out of the images you can capture and edit with nothing more than your iPhone will open up to you an amazing world of creative possibilities you might otherwise walk right past and leave undiscovered.

Learning to create extraordinary self-portraits with your iPhone will awaken something in you that could enrich the deepest and most important parts of who you are as an artist.

In time, you will come to discover sides of yourself that rarely (if ever) come to light … all the mystery, all the beauty, and all the fascinating complexities that are part of who you truly are.

This course can open all of that up to you.

And all this for less than you might spend on a single evening out at a restaurant.

And really, you have NO RISK in giving the course a try, since you are completely protected by a comprehensive guarantee:


Unconditional 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have no risk in joining this course. If, for any reason, anytime in the next 60 days, you decide you are not thrilled and inspired by what you are learning, all you need do is ask and you can get 100% of your money back. If you don’t love it, you get every penny back. So you are completely safe in trying it out.


If you have an iPhone (or iPod or iPad), and if you love creating great photographic art, then take up this challenge. You will find it to be one of the most exciting, most enjoyable experiences of your life.

This is your chance.

A whole new world is about to open up to you.


Yes! This Is Definitely For Me!

I want to explore the Art of iPhoneography Self-Portraiture with Susan Tuttle at HALF OFF, for only $87.  I’ll get instant lifetime access to the course videos, and I am completely protected by a 60-day guarantee, so let’s get started!


PS: And keep in mind, while the course is focused on self-portraits, everything you learn here you can apply to ANY portraits (or any other subjects you care to shoot). The idea behind self-portraits is mainly to take advantage of the one model who is always available (you!) and to use that opportunity as a means of self-discovery. Every day becomes an artistic adventure. And your life becomes richer because of it. That is the journey you will find here.

More About Susan Tuttle:

Susan has written three books published by North Light Books – Photo Craft: Creative Mixed-Media and Digital Approaches to Transforming Your Photographs (2012, co-authored with Christy Hydeck), Digital Expressions: Creating Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop Elements (2010), and Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media Demonstrations and Explorations (2008). Her fourth book, Art of Everyday Photography: Move Toward Manual and Make Creative Photos will be published by North Light Books in August 2014.

What’s more, Susan’s iPhoneography has won many awards and recognitions from venues like the prestigious American Aperture Awards (AX3) where her work took first place in the Nudes category (2013), the Mobile Photography Awards where she received several honorable mentions (2012 – 2013), and the Paris Mobile Photography Awards where her iPhoneography won first place in the Self-Portrait category (2013).  Her mobile photography has been exhibited internationally in London, New York City, Prague, and Paris.

In addition to authoring her own books, Susan is a frequent contributor to Stampington & Company publications and other North Light books. She was recently named Technical Advisor for Somerset Digital Studio magazine. Susan’s blog/website was featured on the Huffington Post and iVillage.


“I love this woman, I love her work, and I couldn’t sign up for her latest course fast enough. Susan’s images evoke such emotion, I am excited to use my own self as a study in artistic portraiture, and with her as a guide, what a gift.”
Stacy De La Rosa
“Absolutely THRILLED about this course! Not so much because it’s about selfies (gulp), but because Susan Tuttle teaching an iPhoneography course, in my books, is not to be missed … She is MASTERFUL in the medium. This will be my 3rd online course with Susan … She completely totally utterly ROCKS as a teacher and I have no doubt she’s just about to change my (iPhone) world … and quite possibly my personal world, too.”
Christi Carter
“Your work with self portraits is brilliant and your course is awesome — instructionally sound, well designed, clear and easy to follow and chock full of tips, tricks and techniques of value to both the novice and the veteran iPhoneographer. If you’re looking to explore your creative spirit and build your repertoire of skills, this is a great place to start! In just the first couple of lessons I’ve learned new things that I will apply in the work I do. And although, I’ve only taken the occasional selfie, I’m inspired to dig more deeply into that! iPhone work has been a huge part of my photo repertoire since 2010 and it always amazes me how many different creative paths we have all taken with it. Congratulations to you on your recognition for your work and for creating this awesome course.”
Rad Drew
“I love your style of teaching so much, Susan! You’ve explained every method perfectly in a structured and easy to follow way – it’s always so much fun and inspiring to learn from you!”
Rosie Grey
“I’m sure you get this a lot, but I have found no one that even comes close to your online teaching skills. And you always keep things fresh and exciting!”
Susan Freise
“I owe so much to Susan in how I choose to edit and enhance my photographs, and have loved every class I’ve taken from her! If you ever have the opportunity to take one of Susan’s classes, don’t hesitate…you won’t regret it! She’s great!”
Diane Cook
“Thank you, Susan, for sharing your knowledge. I was needing a little creative pick-me-up and I got it! Your classes are always clear and concise (this from a retired school teacher) and I always get so much out of them. Thank you!”
Lois Reynolds Mead
“I have been following Susan Tuttle since at least 2006. I have seen her continually grow as an artist, and watched her come out with one great book after another, and get published in different magazines. I absolutely love her work. And now she has this course that involves photos taken with your iPhone and magically turns your smart phone into a convenient place to manipulate or create masterpieces wherever you are. This is easily the most up to date, state-of-the-art, amazing, brilliant, out of this world approach to creating art I have ever seen.”
Patti Koosed
“I discovered Susan through her incredible books on creating photographic art. When I saw what she was able to accomplish with nothing more than an iPhone, it knocked me flat. Her capabilities as an instructor are remarkable, and her sensibilities as an artist utterly captivating. Highly recommended!”
Katie Fisher