Photoshop Artistry


More Testimonials For the Fine Art Grunge Composition Course:


“Sooooo impressed with the Course content and so excited I can’t sleep for things buzzing around in my head!
W. McGlinchey
“After reading about the Photoshop Artistry class in your newsletter last month I signed up for the class and I am LOVING it! I am thrilled that you let me know about it. It is probably the most useful and exciting class I have ever taken online.
S. Fraser
I have learned more about Photoshop from your videos than anything else I have come across.
Kevin T.


“Oh gosh! Thank you so much for this amazing course you have created. What an incredible, delicious gift of absolute awesomeness! I am stunned and so grateful. Words are too tiny to express how excited I am to learn the techniques and approaches your are offering in this amazing course!  The bonus content looks amazing! I am so grateful for all your amazing, generous work! And for all the photoshop adventures to come!  Sending you very best wishes Sebastian! ”
“I want to tell you I’ve never encountered a course with so much wonderful information.  You are so generous to keep posting new videos.  Every time I enter the site, it’s like Christmas!  Thank you so much!”
Marilyn G.
“The course is awesome!   It was just the push I needed to continue my Photoshop journey.  I have admired other people’s art — and now I can create my own.   … I have sooo sooo many ideas that I need to shoot and bring back into the Fine Art world.  Again THANK YOU for developing this workshop!   It’s the greatest!   (And I love how you are continuing to create more content for us students.)”
The amount of stuff on the site is FANTASTIC and I’m not even halfway though the main course!!”
S. Newlyn
“I am loving the course! I am now getting closer to doing things that I have been dreaming of doing for years. I am only about half way through your videos and you seem to be adding so much new stuff all the time. I think I am going to become a lifetime student, and that sometimes makes me feel guilty considering it was such a low price!”
T. Fleckney
“I also wanted to mention that you are WAY under pricing this course!  The only reason I know that for a fact is that I do that myself with most of my own workshops.  The information you’ve shared thru just the beginning of module 2 is worth in excess of $350.  I know that when you’re at the beginning of getting your name known you want to build an audience but I hope that once you are known as the PS guru of grunge you consider bumping the course up to the $599 mark which is really where it should be now!”
C. Sadowski
Image by: Joy James (Course Student)

Image by: Joy James (Course Student)

“I would encourage any creative person to sign up for this course. I wish it had come out years ago. A big thanks to Sebastian!”
E. Steinmetz
“I have been enjoying your course immensely! Thank you for all the effort you have invested in this Course to make it truly worthy of our time. I am learning a lot! :-)”
C. Harris
“How exciting to compare what I am doing now with what I was doing just a few weeks ago. And when I look at some of the stuff I attempted a few years ago it is just pitiful! :)”
T. Fleckney
“I am really enjoying this course! It has really helped me to think outside the box!”
B. Rosa-Galderisi
This course is exceptional! Sebastian is an inspiring and knowledgeable artist and instructor: …check it out!”
M. Koenig Godfrey
“I am enjoying this course very much. I’ve learned so much already and have been inspired with ideas from yourself and other members.  This is money well spent!”
P. Zeppieri
“Great course — it has revived my sense of adventure. It’s not just a photo … IT’S ART.”
L. Smith
“This is relentless, just one cool video after another, drenched with awesome-sauce. I seriously want to buy this guy a beer.”
Jago G.
Image by: Melissa Weber (Course Student)

Image by: Melissa Weber
(Course Student)

“I am just loving this course. It has given me back some lost passion and excitement to my photography work. Up to Module 3 and there are not enough hours in the day! My photo club run quarterly salons and I am so excited to enter with some new compositions. Thanks Sebastian, you work so hard!”
J. Goudsblom
“I am loving this course, money well spent and have barely begun.”
V. Pope
“You do a great job teaching in your videos. (I am a teacher in my “day” job) Very easy to follow and learn. Great work!!”
D. Todd
I can’t get over how good you are at teaching!  As an older student, I thank you for being specific about the processes you have developed. You have a wonderful program and I truly appreciate your skills as a teacher!”
S. Chapman
“Two thumbs up. ;-)”
Christian P.
“I am really blown away by your videos and your wonderful creativity.”
Thomas F.
“This is really addicting, you know?!”
Cindy H.
“Extraordinary. I’ve never seen anything like it. Other guys will teach you some techniques, and you can hunt around looking for free tutorials all day (though most are hit or miss). The videos here are different — I’m talking solid, comprehensive, pro-level training from top to bottom. (But always made easy, which is really helpful!)”
Jillian G.
Image by: Catherine King (Course Student)

Image by: Catherine King (Course Student)

“Your course is the best training experience I have watched/read/taken on Photo Art – using PSE 11.  As a subscriber of ‘Elements’, your course is leaps and bounds superior!  I am accessing your lessons at my own speed.  My first step is to simply watch and listen; then I repeat the lesson and take notes; next I print your ‘Tips page’ and finally I practice on my own images.  I have learned an incredible amount about the functions of PSE 11.  My efforts are beginning to gather artistic values too.  I carry a note pad as recommended and simply jot down ideas. I have downloaded the Bonus Files.  These are a tremendous bonu$ value!  Your response to my questions has been l fast and spot on!  I am so pleased I signed on!  Best $$ I have ever spent on training!”
Richard D.
“Finally a class that teaches me things I can actually use in my digital art. I’ve picked up so many new tips and tricks in Photoshop that I would never have thought of doing. This stuff will amaze you! For scrapbookers, this is a well-structured, truly must-have class!!!”
T. Rutschman
“Being a linear-brained person, I never thought I had the ability to think chaotically enough to be an artist. This course has shown me that I can, in fact, allow my work to be imperfect; and by doing so, create compositions that I once was sure only others could produce. Thank you, Sebastian, for opening my eyes and my mind! I am having a whole lot of fun with this course!”
R. Gaschott
“You’ve created an AMAZING community here Sebastian. Great job!! Thanks for what you have done here and have given all of us.”
Karen Hanron
“Many, MANY thanks, for this fabulous course. On a scale of 1-10, it’s a 12! You rock, Sebastian!”
Ian T.
“I’m positively blown away by what you are able to do in Photoshop.  I have learned so much in this class.   Your videos are amazing and your teaching skills so clear and concise.  Thanks for a great class!!”
Marilyn G.
Image by: Sebastian Michaels

Image by: Sebastian Michaels

“I LOVE YOUR CLASS! You are the most talented artist/teacher I know! I have not yet finished the class working still telling everyone how great it is. You teach things that  I just would never thought to do. This class is essential to any artist. The picture linked below was featured yesterday here as a GSO. (Gallery Stand Out) I used the lessons from your class. You really are AWESOME!!!”
Teddi R.
“You are amazing, such a hard worker and so approachable. Did I ever tell you how fantastic this course is. I have done loads and I mean loads of courses in my life but seriously nothing even compares to this. I just can’t thank you enough for everything. Best money I have ever spent.”
Barb C.
“Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the course (just started) – it’s just what I was looking for!  I love the bite-sized videos and the explanations are really easy to follow.  I rush home from work to be able to get in at least one lesson before my evening meal.”
Janice B.
“I am so very impressed with your course so far…I purchased and started yesterday.  It is beautifully and methodically organized…I love it.”
Lloyd C.
“This course is just incredible…..thanks for your attention to so much detail and all you put in the course to make it so exciting.”
Barbara B.
“Just signed on to this course – working my way thru Module 1 and I’m BLOWN AWAY with the amazingness! I am learning so much! Incredible value here – Thanks so much!”
Beth L.
“I have found myself stretching artistically and technically in so many ways since I’ve started this course. I am loving, loving, loving it.”
Ann P.
“OMG…you are an amazing teacher!! I can feel my artistic passions beginning to rekindle :) I wish you lots and lots of fame and fortune! You are by far the easiest on the ears of any online instructor that I’ve had … and there have been about a dozen and a half of them over the last three years .”
Cat S.
“I have been doing photography for some time and taken a lot of the courses offered through our community college – I have always leaned a little toward photo compositions rather than straight photos. It wasn’t until I started your course and showed some of my new work that someone said, ‘You are a very good artist.’ No one has ever used the word artist and my name in the same sentence. Thank you for helping me and the other folks work towards and become ‘artists’.”
James B.
“I am an avid Photoshop user of over 10 years.  I use the program for my professional and personal needs which include photography, designing, and creating digital scrapbook layouts. When I found Sebastian Michael’s class, Photoshop Fine Art Grunge, I immediately signed up, hoping to find some small new tidbit of information about using Photoshop.  Was I pleasantly surprised when I started going through the videos, watching Sebastian teach me so many wonderful new things about Photoshop.  If you are a digital scrapper you will learn some great techniques to take your layouts to a whole new level!  If you are a professional photographer, you can learn some wonderful tips to bring fresh ideas to your clients.  If you love to create any kind of digital art, then this class is a must!  HIs instruction will not only help you to understand Photoshop in new ways, it will also open up your eyes to creativity like you’ve never seen it!  I cannot say enough good things about what a great instructor Sebastian is and how thorough the videos cover each topic.  ”
J. Mead
“I love the class! I plan on spending at least an hour each day this week to get further into it. You must have spent weeks and weeks and weeks making this course. It is put together like no other I have ever seen. Excellent stuff!”
Patti K.
“I absolutely love the course so far and your teaching style is spot on.  It has been a most enjoyable way to learn Photoshop and I am very enthusiastic about the artistic possibilities. I am already amazed at the amount of valuable content you have put into this course and the clarity of your explanations.  I have done a number of online tutorials and yours is by far the best and most exciting that I have seen.  Thank you for all the effort you have put into designing this course and encouraging your audience to stretch.”
Dr. Linda Weimer
“I am really blown away by your course! It’s beautifully organized and presented, not only for PS skill building but also for learning grunge artistry effects. It far exceeds anything else I’ve seen along these lines. And the bonuses are amazing!”
JoAnn K.


“Thanks so much, Sebastian for all the wonderful videos, special deals, and the magazine!  I really appreciate how you continue to provide so many great tools for your students.”
S. Triest


“As always…..thanks for being the best mentor! I could not have accomplished this without this course and your encouragement!!”
S. Statler


“I have taken several online courses and actually teach one myself… but the abundance of material and clarity of instructions PLUS all the wonderful free downloads puts your course at another level.  Fun to look at the Flickr pix and the magazine for inspiration.  Thank YOU.”
S. Bailey


“New course material today!  I look forward to the 1st and 15th each month.  This class has been amazing and has truly been life-changing for me.  I thank you for all the work you put into it.”
Nancy B.


“I sure feel “Awake” lately, i’m doing lots of photoshop artistry, just can’t get enough of it. You inspire me as does the Awake community”
J. Maris


“I thoroughly enjoy the Core lessons of the Awake course.  Often my wife listens in and thinks they are great too.  We took an 8-hour marketing workshop together and that was the final push I needed to write down a complete business plan.  It might not ever have happened if not for your course.”
R. Baker


“Your words mean a lot to me. Thanks so much for all you have taught us and all your help. I really have no words to show you my appreciation.”
A. Blanco


“Thank you for your continued support. I can’t begin to tell you how much this course has changed the way I feel about many things, including myself.  I have always loved art and color but rarely made the opportunity to explore it. Your “Core” explanations have awakened me to a wonderful new world and for that I thank you.”
M. Gauthier


“Thanks very much for all that you have done for us.  A whole new aspect of my life…awesome!”


“THANK YOU, again!  You are sent thanks with each lesson even if you don’t know it.   Being a part of the Awake group is really something special. I am learning a lot about myself as well as photography, PhotoShop, and so much more. I am a “make do” person taking the resources I have available and doing my best.  Session #17 breaking things down into “yes” and “no thanks” was a turning point.  Asking the right questions has been the icing on the cake. I have stopped “beating myself up” so to speak and redefined and acknowledged what I want to be when I grow up.  I am not a patient photographer which I realized several years ago and that explained why I am drawn to a candid style (sports/action) photography. But, I had never defined that in terms of  “yes” and “no thanks”.  So many possibilities come to light when the right questions are asked.  The wrong questions are limiting where the right questions give limitless answers and answers that “FIT”.  I am also somewhat of a hermit not venturing out a lot.  I love where I live in “the backwoods”, as my great grandfather called this area in the 1870’s. I have acknowledged backwoods hermit as a “yes”.”
L. Hickman


“A few weeks ago I asked some of my fellow AWAKE students  if I could make a slideshow of their work to show my camera club, the Northern Tasmanian Camera Club. They all sent a selection of their wonderful creations. I showed the work, including some of my own, last Tuesday night. The response was amazing.”
A. Taylor


“YOU ROCK DUDE!!! First of all I didn’t think you would respond so quickly, and secondly your video is EXCELLENT!  Thank you.  P.S. I think your course is the best one I have taken on line and I have recommended it to many of my friends.”
J. Crowe


“Hello Sebastian, I would like to say thank you for all the stuff I’m learning thru Awake, Photoshop Grunge and Artistry, I’m having fun even when I travel I get a bit of time to play.”
J. Hendren


“I can’t begin to tell you how much this class and you have inspired me and made a very positive impact on my artistic life.”
Shelley B.


” I wanted to congratulate you on reaching 10,000 students in the course.  It is clear to me that the success you are having with this program has come from a great deal of hard work.  I have always believed that the combination of some intelligence combined with hard work will create great results and you are a shining example of that.  I am sincerely excited for you; you provide a great value for your students.”


“Thanks for the fabulous course content.  I am so grateful for all you have been able to put together for us.  It is really wonderful!”
L. Lipke


“I am thoroughly enjoying this, learning more than I ever thought possible and creating some very interesting pieces.  I’ve been approached by more than just a few people asking to purchase and/or admiring my work. You are a very extraordinary instructor!”
C. Woodstock


“It is an awesome course Sebastian…I have learned so much from it … I just need to find some time to be creative.  By far, it is the best course I have bought/seen..keep up the great work.”
P. Stewart


“Thank you for the WONDERFUL Awake program…. And for all you do for us 10,000 members!  You are amazing.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that you do the work you do.  I stepped out of photo creative darkness and into the light when I began seeing what you had to offer.  I know you will continue to grow your membership because you are leading with your heart, you are generous and you are not just a business venture.  Prosperity flows bountifully when it is channeled through the heart and you are certainly a stellar example of that!”
B. McLawhorn


“Thanks again! You just keep giving and giving! Signing up for the Photoshop Artistry course is one of the best things I have done in recent days. Not only am I learning SO, SO, SO much, but you are full of inspiration and encouragement, which is a big help!”
J. Saunders


“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I am among those who have not publicly posted but I want you to know your program is enriching my life daily.  At age 71, I enjoy the privileges of learning from you and all those you have gathered around you.  I AM using what I acquire to create special Keepsake Treasures for friends I find along the paths of my journey. May you continue to be richly blessed for your generous spirit and in all your doing. Gratefully, one of your 10,000…”
V. Gildersleeve


“Thank you so much.  I just wanted to tell you how much I love Photoshop Artistry.  I am a mom so it is hard for me to play with it all of the time but I do enjoy it when I do have the time.  It’s a wonderful course.”
A. Croll


“Thanks so much for all the extras you provide for our class! I’m SO glad I am in AWAKE!”
Beverly E.


“Thanks for offering this course and allowing me to be a part of the group who are working their way through it.”
F. King


I have watched two of the video Photoshop tutorials on your Awake Course with a friend who is one of your students.  To say I was blown away is putting it lightly – the combination of the artists imagination, attention to detail and post processing skill walked through by your comprehensive narration is probably the best thing I have seen in years of watching Photoshop tutorials.  I have three friends who are currently doing your Fine Art Grunge Course, and I believe they have all made enormous strides as a result.  I teach Photoshop for our local Photographic Society, and there is no doubt you have a supporter as far as referrals go.  I mention this as, although I can follow the video tutorial without a problem, to see professionals at work has added an entire new dimension to the way I look at post processing. Suddenly, there isn’t a project I have considered finished that I wouldn’t want to go back and rework!”
S. Elliot


“When I retired a few years ago, I knew nothing about photography.  I set my mind to it.  Then I just wanted to learn something about Photoshop.  I signed up for your first class and stayed on for AWAKE.  Two days ago, after completing this bird piece, it suddenly dawned on me that I am comfortable telling people that I’m a photographer and now, thanks to YOU, I have confidence calling myself a photo artist.  You changed my life and I’ll never forget that.”
L. Knox


“Your course is fabulous and I see me now the first time as an artist and also calling myself one!  Thank you very much for all you are giving to us students! This is the best thing happened to me in my whole life!”
S. Cascadea


“What an awesome course this is , I have to unglue myself my the computer when I’m adding some of this bonus templates to my photography . Thanks so much.”
D. Ramirez


“Your comment you left on my state fair picture really means a lot to me. You are always so kind and encouraging. I think you are the engine behind the success of our AWAKE group on FB. I know you would not leave a comment unless you meant it and that is what makes it mean so much to me. Thanks doesn’t seem to be enough but it’s the little things that boosts our confidence and allows us to think that “yes, I can”!!!! So know that you are doing so much more than you probably ever imagined.  It’s quite exciting being involved in this group and I’m sure as our teacher you are very excited about where this journey is headed and all the possibilities! With a positive mind and attitude, you just never know where you might end up!!!  If I could tell the group one thing it would be that I too have self doubt but I have learned that the worst that can happen is nothing.  I have entered photo contests and didn’t win anything.  It didn’t hurt.  I didn’t feel worthless.  I just became more determined to get better.  AND if you never enter then you just sit there with nothing too.  As an added bonus, I’ve been getting calls today.  People want to buy my photos! So cool!!!!  Hugs to you and one more thanks!”
J. Mead


“I just bought the 5 day deal through your link.  Bless you for donating your time, talent, and treasures to such a great cause.  I’m glad I could play a small part.I love your Photo Artistry course.  I’ve learned so much about Photoshop in general, not to mention expanding my horizons in the photo art field.  I’m glad to be part of your course! Keep up the wonderful work!”
D. Weber


“I am currently downloading the awesome, and incredible tutorials and everything else.  WOW!  I am in heaven.  Thank you for helping me to find a way to access and to buy this incredible package…I am over the moon with happiness!  Loved your discount page too…well done!  I hope you get lots of people coming your way!  You put out such an amazing course!”
B. Forsey


“I love both courses but I really love the Awake course, it really has opened up a whole new world of art for me. I think there is something too about being involved in the course as it is happening.  And the community!  Whoa!  Need I say more?  Thank you.  Thanks for all you do”
B. Atkins


“…many thanks for all that you do – can’t find enough words to express that properly. AWAKE is a really incredible experience and my non-creative husband patiently puts up with hearing about it all the time!”
J. Stokes


“I love this course SO MUCH!  It ha radically changed my life and my focus for the future!  Great job you are doing with inspiring and elevating your students and myself!”
M. Todd


“Actually I flipped out the first time I came across your course.  I have worked with Photoshop for years mostly for photography and always wanted to try something more creative and artsy but had no clue where to start until I saw your course.  The amount of material you present coupled with the clear concise instruction makes this course a goldmine for anyone desiring to explore their creative side.”


“I can’t thank you enough for this AWAKE course.  The course has helped me to develop my skills and confidence in photography and artistic interpretation.  The only problem is that I get so excited about working on my artistic creations that I forget to go to bed so this year has truly been AWAKE!”
Nancy B.


“… a very big thank you for all the guidance and content you provide for the AWAKE workshop – I am constantly at the edge of being overwhelmed to take it all in and think through what you are saying and how to apply it to my life.  The content is amazing as well, unbelievable how you can come up with such high quality pictures/textures/elements session by session. Even though I am now working much longer on any one piece  than I used to, and not posting often – I do continue to follow and enjoy the workshop .  Life is fantastic, and you are a big part of it.”


“Thanks so much for everything you do … but mostly for helping me to truly become an artist and to feel strongly about my vision for the future!  You are amazing Sebastian.  You must feel like a father pushing your little birdies out of the nest!  What a win win situation for everyone involved!!!”
C. Maginn


“I began AWAKE Session 6 yesterday and throughout the Core and Training segments, I keep thinking to myself what a fabulous job you’ve done with this “Everest”.  You’re an amazing artist, a mentor, an organizer and a leader.  The quality you’ve put into this material is superb.  Your excellence coats everything you are doing.  You’re generous enough to share the work of others both in training and in publication.  You are having so much impact on my life…and I’d still say I am one of the well adjusted ones who doesn’t need a job…or therapy, or anti-depressants.  I am happy and joyful even before I began this, but you are elucidating and extracting all the reasons that I am that way.  Journaling, doing art, balancing life, work, people, recreation, foods, travel, spiritual life….all that.  Seriously, Sebastian! Look what you’ve done!  High 5’s, My Captain!
Wayne B.


“… congratulations on the most amazing and brilliant artistic class on the planet. I am in for life.”


“I love this course not only because it is so interesting and inspiring, but mainly because it takes me totally out of my comfort zone. It is much easier for me to imagine and create photo-realistic images. I have zillions of creative photo-realistic  ideas, even so I have actually performed only few – building gradually my skills.”
E. Shilat


” Loving the course, and I think all the lessons are so well done. I will recommend it to anyone. I am only a beginner and I find your lessons so easy to understand, and the beauty is I can always go back to refresh anytime I want.”
T. Low


“Absolutely love what you’re doing to me! AWAKE…Such a fabulous life experience.”
Wayne B.


” I’m still in awe of how much content we get with your classes.  But the best part is how much we can learn about becoming an artist.  I am having such a blast learning how to use Photoshop and spreading my artistic wings.  Thank you so much for offering these online courses.  They have been a true blessing to me!”
Inga Aufhammer


“I enjoy tremendously your presentations, they are so extensive in what you present, clear and concise at the same time. I also appreciated very much you sharing with your students such a variety of bonus items and necessary and useful links to other web sites providing everything an aspiring artist can dream about.”
M. Grasley


“Thanks for all you do and the content you provide – as I have said before you ROCK!!!!!”
J. Hutter


” Thanks for an awesome class and the amazing possibilities it is opening for all of us.”
S. Benjamin


“… thank you so very much for this fabulous course. I am learning so very much and hopefully growing as a photo-artist.”
L. Goodrich


” I just finished modules one, two and three and am beyond impressed.  I love your love of your subject, and your understanding of human nature and what a photographer needs to hear when changing from photography to art.  The essay in module brought me to tears. You present reality in such an encouraging way.  Your videos are instructions art easy to follow and so detailed and clear.  This would be the most wonderful course for beginners because you show each step so clearly.  I love the way you show closeups of each area you click and the magnifying circle is a wonderful way of showing exactly where you are clicking.  The subjects and examples you cover are all interesting, much better quality than most teaching videos.”


“I have never enjoyed or got as much out of any course as I am from your Awake sessions. You are doing a great job. Thank you.”
D. Spinks


“you were right… this course kicks major ass.  I really like the way you keep going over the basic steps each time, which really cements the concepts.  Nice job!”
D. Barksdale


“I am 64 years old and an amateur photographer who loves to photograph the wild horses.   This course is so fun and so amazing.  I can’t wait to keep learning and repeat the classes.  So much to learn. Great instruction. “
M. Cioffi


“Thanks again for all that you are doing for me personally and all of our group.  I know that we are going to be so much better prepared to be nudged out of the nest after our year is up!  You are an amazing mentor and friend.  God bless you”
C. Maginn


“I’m really enjoying the course and learning a lot. Thank you for “Awake 2″, it’s great that the course will be continuing next year and the things you have lined up sound really intriguing – and all for free !!!!  You are a kind and wonderful person. Thank you.”
D. Pugh


“I love your site. I think you are the best teacher I have ever seen for photoshop.”
C. Ellis


” I have been approached by a lady who is preparing to have an arts festival, she has also offered me a space to have an exhibition.  I’m excited and scared all wrapped into one. Never really expected anyone would approach me. Thought I would be in for knock backs when I asked. I have no expectations and yes fun and the experience are what I am looking forward to.  None of this would have happened to me if not for you so thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a new lease on life”
S. Masterson


” … thank you for presenting us with such wonderful opportunities to improve our photographic art.”
P. Graney


“Thanks. I love your course, best program ever and I am not kidding. My instagram page has been going off the hook since I posted the photoarts”
G. Olude


“I just got through the first couple of lessons and already the couse has paid for itself!  I had 3 “aha!!” moments and I’ve been using Photoshop for about 5 years!  I’m so excited about this!  Thank you for putting this course together.  You make it easy! You’ve got me considering an upgrade to full Photoshop to get a bit more functionality.”
Jane P.


“This course is fantastic.  I have been using Adobe PS and LR for years and in the first two videos I learned a number of things I had no idea I didn’t know.  Of all the proposed training courses I have come across, nothing, I mean nothing comes close to what you have done here. I am thrilled I took the plunge for the money.  One of the best decisions I have made.”
G. Little


“… may i compliment you on the course and lectures The best i’ve had thus far”
R. Oosthuizen


“Thanks so much, I am really enjoying this course.  I have paid for a few different courses in the last few years, and I must say yours is the best in terms of content and inspiration to me as an artist. Your commitment to make the course better all the time is amazing. And the Facebook page is a great way to see other artists work and to interact with them.”
P. Labrosse


“Thank you Sebastian so much for all you do for us. Can’t believe you are going to let us keep going another year. There are just no words to tell you how much you have influenced my life and how much I appreciate it.”
P. Powers


“This is my new life now.”
I. Douglas


” You have supplied so much rich information and resources to work with.  Thanks again for an amazing course and phenomenal efforts on your part!”
R. Kalinchuk


“…thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm with everyone.  Your programs have enlightened me in Photoshop and the making of art where no other program has come close.  You have a unique gift.  Thank you  for expanding my mind’s eye.
R. Madden


“you are AMAZING! Thank you so much for all that you do for the world! You are officially on my list of people that I have not met in person but who have had a tremendous impact on my life! “
Maria B.


“I finally completed the Photoshop Artistry course. I am very satisfied with this course.  I have learned many new tricks that will help improve my photography. It has inspired me a lot.  Also, the instructor was very good !”
L. Routhier


“I’m so impressed with your PhotoArtistry on-line course. It’s well-structured and pretty dense with material. As a teacher of many years I appreciated well-organized material and quality instruction from an expert!”
D. Eastham


“I so admire not just your knowledge and expertise, I truly love your enthusiasm. It is such a motivator. I’m a little to old to climb trees any longer, but I would have if I could just because you made it sound like such fun. I’m not much into photography but I now am always on the lookout for something unique.  Thank you for all your hard work and a big hug to you,”
Karin P.


“Because of how amazing, how fantastic, how bewilderingly awesome YOU have been.  Thank you, Sebastian!”
J. Mahon


“… I am loving both PS Artistry and AWAKE, although I have yet to post my work… thank you so much… these are the best classes with more bang for the buck than I’ve ever purchased!”
L. Stone


“… you’ve created something extraordinary, a group that is seeking excellence while giving each other constant support and encouragement, people who are thrilled because they are seeing how much their art is appreciated by others, even a long-term job seeker who was offered a job (our so talented Norbert) and we all delight in each other’s success”
Janice B.


“when I first signed up with the photoshop artistry course, I really thought I was in for a bit of a rip-off.  I don’t usually respond to Internet advertising from people I don’t know, but I was starting to do composites and figured “What the hell!”  A lot changed when I started taking the course and found out you were “for real.”  Then the pitch for the Awake course – I debated whether the whole initial course was a bait and switch – cheap initial course, more expensive follow-up.  But I was wrong.  Thanks for your instruction techniques and in your continuing efforts to make the course even better.”
L. Barsh


“You should be so proud of what you have done with these courses – so many people have found themselves and their art including me and the mate-ship that is happening via the Facebook page etc is just brilliant.  I am so loving this all.”
Trish H.


“I recently purchased your Photoshop Artistry course and have been going through  it for the past week. I am now in Module 2. I just wanted to say that I think it is absolutely outstanding. The progressive nature of your starting with the basics and working your way up to the more “artistic” is very effective. The flow is logical and your explanations are clear and the advantage of having the “Cheat Sheets” where I can add my own notes is invaluable.  So while I still have quite a ways to go, I just wanted to take a moment at this point to commend this package to everyone and to express my gratitude for your effort. It was worth every penny and opens up a whole new world of photography and post processing.”
V. Ciro


“Just completed module one of Grunge.  I really enjoyed it.  I considered myself a “mid–level” user of PS but have learned so many new ways of accomplishing some of the tasks I regularly perform.  PS is wonderful in that it offers different paths for solutioning.”
J. McKay


“Never in my life I would have thought that someday my own images are presented in a magazine. I have not even thought that I can even create art. Never in my life I would have thought that I will take part in international competitions. I never thought that I would be a partner of a gallery. I have started to creat digital art work at the beginning of the course.  For that I especially would like to thank Sebastian. But may thank is as well for all the participants, This course and the community we have here is something very special.
I also would like give our new participants a warmly welcome  and and encourage to go this route.”
Norbert G.


“don’t even know how i can come up with the right words to express what YOU have done for every one last person in this Awake and photoshop artistry groups , what you’re asking is the lest any one should do even without you asking , you give so much and YOU have touched and changed many lives . thank you for this chance and opportunity”
S. Schnur


“your course is excellent.  I’m a retired dentist who has lectured internationally. I’ve yet to see any course , including those in my profession, organized so well.”
L. Barsh


“Your teaching is extraordinary and very much appreciated, it just keeps me inspired”
S. Masterson


“I’m really enjoying the course and feel you’ve helped me unravel the mysteries of photoshop.  Thank you!  I’m still only part way though & haven’t stepped over to the ‘grunge side” yet, as I’m just focussing on the techniques for now.   But it is fabulous – thanks so much”
Rachael D.


“Thank you for how you are handling  the course.  There is a lot of stuff there and the extras you add in are really helpful.  This course has changed my attitude as far as photography and added a lot of value to it.”
E. Raz


“It feels as though my art is definitely progressing thanks to your great course material! I love the learning, I love the challenge and I am having fun! I look forward to doing some of my art each day! It is a highlight!”
C. Stiefvater


“I am so enjoying the classes.  I’ve learned so much, and I am passing on what a wonderful deal the classes are to everyone who asks me about my new techniques.”
I. Cummins


“… I found that you’ve taught me to think for myself! I’ve been on cloud 9 – didn’t think it was possible. Thank you so much, Sebastian. Your class is absolutely fantastic!”
E. Hodgkins


“Thank you for all you have put into this course. You have a real gift for teaching/encouraging/inspiring.”
S. Crosby


“Thank you personally for all of your hard work and what you have done for all of your students.”
K. Tewksbury


“Thanks for everything that you are doing to make this the most REMARKABLE journey of a lifetime.  I am so very grateful I learned about you!!!  You are amazing. :)”
C. Maginn


“I just LOVE this class! Can’t say it enough!”


“thank you for all the time effort and thought you’ve put into this course. I am LOVING it.”
M. Cowley


“What keeps me going is the sheer joy of creating.  The actual process of doing art is my joy.  Thanks for your encouragement and support.  It means so very much.”
J. Mead


“Your course really is the most amazing course I have ever been involved in. Your ideas, encouragement, inspiring talks, course content is out of this world.”
A. Taylor


“Thank you Sebastian. Always in gratitude for this course…from the encouragement to the content to the sharing!!!!! We are truly blessed by your passion”
S. Statler


“I absolutely love your course, its fantastic, learning so much and it brings me joy just thinking about it”


“Thank you so much for all that you are doing to make this the greatest class/group that ever was. You are amazing!”
P. Powers


“Really a great course even I only am one day into the course. But i can see and hear in your voice it is something I will learn a lot of all this Photoshop stuff.  Best money i have spend for a long time.”
F. Justesen


“What you’re doing for each and everyone in this class is amazing and I can’t thank you enough for the professionalism and support you bring to this course. It is hands down the best course I’ve ever been involved with. The mind boggles at the thought of where we’ll be at when we reach the end of the course. Thank you again!”
D. Hohn


“I’m truly enjoying the course.  Though I’m already reasonably seasoned with Ps, I know that one can often learn new things by reviewing the basics. So I started at the beginning, and learned a few shortcuts that I’d somehow missed.  I love your whole approach in these lessons, in treating the use of Photoshop as a means of creating expressive art, and encouraging us to not only use avaiable materials from online (and you provide a nearly ridiculous amount of those resources!), but to gather our own, so as to make utterly unique compositions.  As well, I enjoy the fact that you never tire of letting us know what it is you’re doing, including the appearance of the keystrokes onscreen, without exasperrating us with too much repetitive detail. So many other tutorials, especially on YouTube, can go the other direction.”
S. Hare


“This experience has taken me to another level in my photography and my life!! You truly are the hardest working man I know. A true MENTOR.”
S. Morovek


“I would also like to express my deep gratitude for this amazing workshop and all the work you do. My skills are going through the roof and on other sites the people that I have been following and admiring are now following me and giving me great compliments on my work. I am so grateful that I managed to get into this course! “
P. O'Hara


“Thank you Sebastian for all of the heart and soul you put into your classes! Your enthusiasm is a real inspiration.”
S. Hulbert


“Thank you Sebastian!! I’ll get it. Having soooo much fun – and learning!!  Love this!”
S. Musumeci


“Your on-line courses are THE BEST, every time someone asks me “how did you do that” i refer them to your photogrunge site.”
J. Maris


“I wanted to let you know what a great course this has been. I have taken many Photoshop courses and paid quite a bit for some of them but none of them even came close to this course. I feel like I now have a mastery of Photoshop. I feel I can do anything my mind can imagine. The videos on layers and masks were incredible. I finally understand how they work and how I can apply them. This course doesn’t have to be limited to grunge art. I can use the techniques on any project. It opens a whole new world of Photoshop. I am so excited what I can do with these techniques. I know Sebastian put many hours of hard work into these videos and it shows. They are well thought out and easy to follow. Anyone who wants to actually learn what Photoshop can do needs to take this course. Thank you for doing such a great job. I will benefit from this for years to come.”
A. Martin


“I have just started on your PhotoArtistry course, and it is fantastic.  I am 71 years old, but still young enough to learn!  It was worth the money even if it only finally got me using keyboard shortcuts, but it is so much more.  I have just completed my first weekly challenge, and I am rather pleased with it for a first attempt.”
R. Matthews


“I started with t he first video modules last night with the basics even though I am fairly fluent in Photoshop, I was surprised at what I didn’t know.  I have been shooting digital for 14 years primarily as a fashion and portrait photographer but was an art major in college.  I am looking forward to resurrecting the artist in me and composing jaw dropiing work. I love what I have seen so far!”
J. Chernesky


“Thank you for the wonderful content that you are consistently providing us with. You really are an inspiration to myself and so many others with your passion and care for your students. It is nice as you ensure we all feel like equals.”
C. J. Moore


“Just into the second part of the intro and had to write to tell you I love your passion and excitement!  You sound like me when I talk about my work!  I’m loving this course already!”
S. Showalter


“I’m already impressed… This all course is a dream come true for me… Thank you.”
M. Pierre


“Thank you so much again for sharing your knowledge and your images, vectors, backgrounds etc.  I am so eager to get stuck in further to the course …”
T. Hoskin


“Oh my!! Absolutely superb so far! I had no idea of what I can do in PS! GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT can’t say that enough! It feels that it may well be the launching of a new career for me!  THANK YOU!”
P. Rogers


“l have started  downloading  the bonus  content ,and started to work my way slowly through the  course.l am just  blown away by the content,and can’t believe my luck at what l’m finding,just what l needed.What’s the saying,”when a student is ready, a teacher will come” This is true in my case,l can’t wait to put all your wonderful content to use.Thank you once again.”
A. Sulzer


“I only have Photoshop Artistry for one day, but I must tell you that I am completely astonished by it. I cannot believe the professionalism and extensive work you guys put into this product. So far, I have just been skipping around, checking here and there to see what the product contains. The list of extras that you included are mind boggling, brushes, masks, PNGs, backgrounds, textures, etc., etc., and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. I have only checked out the video titles, of which there are a ton, and so far have only watched one, which I randomly chose. It happened to show a method to sharpen pictures which I have never seen before. The simplicity and results are amazing. I understand that all of you people can put out tutorials for any price you want. I have bought some expensive ones, and some not so expensive. Some were worth it, and some weren’t.  You have chosen to put this out at an affordable price that certainly attracted me, on a fixed income. You’re the smart ones because of the volume you’ll do. I have never sent out a letter like this, but you guys really, really deserve my gratitude, and my appreciation.”
L. Schwartz


“I am in section 2 of module 1 and am thoroughly enjoying your course. I have used Photoshop elements since version 2.0, but have only recently started using full Photoshop. Your course is a good way to ease into it. Your descriptions are succinct and you explain things very well. The cheat sheets are very thoughtfully put together. I can’t wait to see what comes next!”
V. Bergesen


“I can’t thank you enough for your Awake and Photo Artistry Courses.  They are so exciting and are opening up a whole new world for me as I learn new techniques and ways to use my photography! “
N. Brizendine


“So much for organising such a wonderful and interactive learning experience! This is the finest online course I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in. I really appreciate the trouble you’ve gone to and the continuing effort you’re putting in to make this course the best it can possibly be!”
D. Hohn


“I sooooooo love this course and you for being out there for all of us.  You have amazing energy, insight and truly you are a remarkable teacher and mentor.  I so appreciate you and everything you do!”
C. Maginn


“I am absolutely blown away. I’ve got a background in adult education and information design, so I’m pretty nit-picky about the classes I take. This course you’ve developed is well-constructed. You’ve broken down the information into easily digestible chunks, and I’m impressed by your teaching ability in all those screencast videos. You’ve got my creativity running on overdrive, and I’m so excited about where I’m headed with these new skills. Thank you!”
A. Key


“I just love this course! It is the best thing I have ever done!!  You are so inspirational in every way”
C. Pooler


“Thank you so much for all  you have put into this course!  I am really looking forward to learning this…I have been looking for a course like this for a long time….Only wish I had not spent thousands “going around the bush”…ya know?…Again, thank you…”
D. Gilbert


“… you teach inspire and motivate so many , thank you for that from the bottom of my heart “
S. Schnur


“I am so excited and I think this is going to mean a world of different to my work.  Thank you – I get it!!!!!!”
J. Hutter


“The digital art your classes exposed me to have been my freedom and resonance.  They’ve put light on a creative path I’m now enjoying.  The artist within me has been uncorked and I feel alive again.”
B. Cook


“Just wanted to let you know that you ROCK! And what you are doing is quite phenomenal, THANK YOU!”
M. Bartosh


“… damn you Sebastian for making me think and giving me these ideas, I am
lying in bed thinking of my next image instead of sleeping. –  it is really great. Thanks.”
J. Bethanis


“This is a really super course – I’m loving every minute of it.  What a lovely group and such incredible talent – I can feel the buzz of creation every time I visit the Facebook page. You must feel that all the efforts and trouble you are taking with this course are worth every minute when you look at everyone’s amazing work.  I also like the feeling of solidarity there is amongst everyone – encouraging each other to do even better.  Thank you so much for providing this opportunity to us all.”
J. Batterbee


“… thank you for all the work you’ve done with this course! OMG you have done SOO much work, how long did it take you to put this together!!!!  You are a wonder and I’ve learned so much.”
B. Case


“Your videos have a great flow and I’ve learned so many new things already. I even realized things I (thought I) knew, much better!”
Sergios G.


“Thank you too for all you have put into these two classes.  I just can’t believe all that you cover and give us. I am using it as therapy in so many ways.  This is such a great group.”
P. Powers


“just cannot tell you how much your class is ROCKING my WORLD…..  ALL the things I am learning are making my brain cells swell and spill out happiness and creativity.  EVERY Day i am going to create a new image … it drives me crazy how many times you repeat the shortcuts but on the other hand it is DRILLING them into my brain.  I knew so many and now i know SO MANY MORE….. YOU ARE MY HERO”
L. Crow


” its a great course.  I am grateful!”
T. Mandrich


“I truly love you being in my life and showing me things I had only dreamed about. Thank you for your words, direction and commitment.”
J. Sturgeon


“I am so dedicated to this group of artists, the joy of helping one another and YOU for creating our Photo-Artistic Life out of nothing but an idea and turning that idea into something completely unstoppable!  I now think of myself as a true Artist  – in this course, as well as in my life!  Making my life a work of art and spreading it around wherever I go.”
J. Wilmot


“…it is just so cool.  It’s been so informative this far, and I feel that I gain  ground with every session.  It’s kind of like reading a good book.  You don’t want it to end.”
S. Banakas


“You are simply the best and I have been so grateful to have been part of this group!!!! thank you for everything!!!!”
C. Pooler


“Not only are your tutorials and training materials the best I’ve used (and I have purchased a lot and been disappointed with most of them) your willingness to make changes so the program is even better is truly inspiring.  Thank you”
M. Leeds


“You are a good person (my highest praise) and your course is Fantastic, Awesome, Amazing!”
P. Graney


“Your very inspiring. Thank you for everything you have added to our lives.”
L. Adlington


“So happy for your success and generosity. Thank you for s that you do. You’ve changed my life!”
W. Brodd


“… thank you for being YOU.  Something I did right to have crossed your path and be part of it and your vision.”
S. Schnur


“Sebastian….you continue to out do yourself…nowhere else in cyber education is there a more generous person than you….it must be an amazing feeling to know how many lives you have enriched through these courses…”
B. Rosenfeld


“This beats any college course I could have signed up for and the vast number of videos and supporting files are truly amazing.  I’ve done a lot of looking around before signing up and and your courses are #1 on the net.”
J. Maklak


“I’m enjoying the heck out of your grunge course, and am almost to the place where you recommend we get before going into Awake.  A lot to learn, and I’m taking my time to be sure I master the tools and techniques.  I’m itching to get to the point where I can actually plunge into some artist expression.  And you are a marvelous teacher, easy to listen to, well organized, and clear.”
D. Farley


“I’m so honored to be taking part in this amazing journey.  Thank you for this amazing opportunity!!”
S. Terry


“I have learned so much from you…. you are such an inspiration.  I am so pumped after each one of your videos, I can’t imagine what you will come up with next.”
J. Donston


“WOW!!!  Best course that I’ve ever taken and it just gets better. Thank you so much for everything you’ve created for us!”
J. Krisko


“I’ve just watched Module One and loved it. So many possibilities….and this from one who was never going to use Photoshop.  Thanks for opening a whole new world of creativity and a new art form for me.  I’m already getting ideas as I watch your video. Absolutely terrific.”
C. Prest


“I made a start on the first course, and am blown away by the bonus content available.  I have done a few PS courses in the past, but they were nowhere near as good as this promises to be. I have learned so much from that first video already, so I am excited at the thought of how much I will learn from you.  I appreciate all the work which has obviously gone into this course.”
J. Allan


“I am absolutely loving the Photoshop Artistry Grunge course and learning SO DAMN MUCH both about PS and what you can do with it.  Best value money I have spent on any online training course, hands down.”
S. Rose


“You are the best teacher I have ever had (in my 77 years)!  I’m sure you will make it so exciting for so many.”
C. Brundage


“You are a wonderful teacher, as I have already started listening to your intro 1 and have downloaded the bonus materials so I can follow along!  IT is so exciting to learn how to use the computer programs to create what ever is in the imagination!!!”
B. Forsey


“Thanks to you and your wonderful course and, even more than that, to the fact you keep pushing us to do better and better.  You are always coming up with new ideas to challenge us and encourage us to try different ideas and approaches.  When I’ve had a bad day at work or am feeling low I get Photoshop going and lose myself in beautiful images.”
J. Batterbee


“Your classes are awesome!!! Your video was so amazing!!!!  I like how you show step by step.  I admire you so much! You are soooooooo amazing.”
T. Rutschman


“Your classes have become addictive because they are so well presented and I can return to them at anytime.”
K. Amt


“This class is like an incredible book that you don’t want to miss a word, savor it and not want it to end.  Amazing.”
J. Sturgeon


“THANK YOU!  I found your course and it’s changed the way I do my photos and how I see the world.”
B. Case


“Thank you, Sebastian for everything that you have done to the Photography Community. It is a better place, thanks to you.”
LStop Photo


“The Photoshop Grunge course was the absolute best course I have ever taken and I became spoiled by the most informative cheat sheets. I used the cheat sheets to practice the various techniques until I no longer needed them. The Photoshop Grunge course set a very high standard and I really appreciated how easily I was able to learn from that style of presentation.”
D. Cooper


“You have set a VERY high bar for teaching and being extremely clear in your instruction so I now measure everyone’s workshops by those standards!”
L. Renner


“I have completed the online part of your course and wanted to thank you for an amazingly creative course.  I have learned so much about Photoshop which no other course I have done has covered.  You have sparked my creativity and I have gone to places I didn’t know existed in me and I look forward to exploring this further.  I look forward to reviewing the course and redoing everything you have covered.  I am enjoying the Challenges and am continually surprised at what I create.”
D. Lund


“I am so excited about this course that I am beside myself! The way the course is arranged, the amount of tips and bonus material, and creativity challenges, and absolutely everything else about this course is absolutely phenomenal! I am very eager to learn all the skills and become an amazing artist, and even though I am just on the first module, I feel like I have already grown into an artist! The course is spectacular, thank you so so much! “
M. Bartosh


“Thank you very much!  This is the most amazing course and I have been working through module one and 2 the last two days.  I JUST LOVE THIS and just have to thank you for the wonderful thorough lessons. I am new to Photoshop and I can follow it perfectly.  Looking forward to doing the next module and very excited with what I am doing here!”


“I was so excited to learn the trick to scrolling through fonts.  I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent in the past trying to select just the right font.  What a time waster.  This trick alone is worth the price of your class.  And you have taught me lots of other little tricks.  What makes Photoshop so incredible is that any particular technique can be done a variety of ways.  
Also I so appreciate that I have access to the class “forever”.  It’s a lot to consume and I forget some things and have to return and watch videos again and again.   I love every minute of it!”
M. Gallas


“Signing up for the artistry course made me ‘get out of my comfortable approach’ when scrapping… It has really broaden my perspective about trying a page into an art piece… I am totally enjoying it.”
L. Wee


“I purchased your Photoshop Grunge Artistry class and I was NOT disappointed…in fact, quite the opposite…it’s a FANTASTIC course!”
J. Quinn


“I am so excited about these videos I can’t even breathe!!!! I thought I knew a lot of about photoshop but I’m learning quirky little things from the first few videos!!! I’m going to have a terrible time trying to pace myself.  I just want to dive right in and do a marathon and watch ALL of the videos in one sitting!!! Love Love Love!!!”
B. Barnum


“…please don’t stop teaching these kind of courses.  Nothing else is out there like your course.  As software and photography styles evolve, I hope that you will offer more courses like this one.  I haven’t even started and I’m already excited.  I’m an “advanced intermediate” photoshop user.  I’ve been looking for a class exactly like this one.  Yay!!”
T. Mitchell


“This is the BEST educational photography experience I have ever had!”
M. Howard


“Thank you. Loving the course and proving you can teach an old dog new tricks!!”
A. Pound


“Love this course where I get to learn and to know so much.”
M. Karlsson


“…  how much I have been enjoying this class and what a good teacher you are. Although I have been using PS for years in an artistic manner there is still much I have learned from you. Thank you.”
G. Schmidt


“I absolutely LOVE creating photo art! Thanks so much for the Photoshop Artistry class. I am learning so much!”
A. Connors


“I never imagined that an affiliate partnership could yield such a large sum of income, practically overnight. I get approached on a regular basis to partner with various business ventures and have learned to become leery of these requests. Sebastian Michaels is very different, and I am grateful that I trusted my gut instinct to say yes to a partnership with him. Sebastian is an honest and kind person, top-notch Photoshop instructor, creative individual, and powerhouse of a businessman! I highly recommend partnering with him if given the chance”
S. Tuttle


“I am so enjoying the material, course and comments you provide.  The course is so well organized, inspirational and easy to follow!”
A. Sturgeon


“Many many thanks!  And thanks for your great course – I’m having withdrawal symptoms now because I’ve finished it, so I am going to start over!  You’re the best!”
C. Brundage


“Thank you Sebastion, you’ve inspired me and enriched my life in so many ways!”
B. Rosenfeld


“I am absolutely enthralled with your program. I’ve learned soooooo much. You are a fantastic teacher, very clear and knowledgeable on your subject and your voice is so perfect for hearing impaired older “students” of photography.  Besides the material content, both quality and quantity, the ability to review and revisit any section many times makes your coarse so much superior to any coarse or workshop I’ve ever attended.”
K. Hutchings


“After reading about the Photoshop Artistry class in your newsletter last month I signed up for the class and I am LOVING it! I am thrilled that you let me know about it.  It is probably the most useful and exciting class I have ever taken online.”
S. Fraser


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