iPhoneography Photo Art Composition with Bob Weil

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Read What Some Students Are Already Saying …

I love this course! I don’t want to do anything else now but watch these videos and play with my iPad!”
– Katie L.

“When I first saw Bob Weil’s amazing images, I was absolutely certain they were made using Photoshop. I was knocked flat when I realized he was creating them on his PHONE. The images are absolutely mesmerizing. And I just had no idea my phone was capable of this!”
– Jillian G.

“Used to be I might take a photo now and then with my iPhone and maybe edit it a little. But now I am creating outright works of art comparable to anything I ever pulled off with Photoshop. It is so much fun being able to compose serious images wherever I happen to be. I am having a blast.
– Carey F.

This course is fantastic. It has opened up a whole new world to me. Bob Weil instructs with such expertise and precision that I found everything incredibly easy to follow, even his fascinating discussions of conceptual photo-collage (something I never would have imagined myself falling in love with). The videos are superb. And his tips for achieving specific effects within an image are indispensable.”
– Joey G.