Art of iPhone Self-Portraiture with Susan Tuttle

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What You Are About To Learn:

    • How to capture amazing portraits and self-portraits with just an iPhone.
    • How to edit the images like an expert and turn them into serious works of art.
    • How to employ a wide range of the finest apps available, and stack them in such a way as to create extraordinary pro-caliber effects.


Praise for Susan Tuttle …

“I love your style of teaching so much, Susan! You’ve explained every method perfectly in a structured and easy to follow way – it’s always so much fun and also so inspiring to learn from you!”
— Rosie Grey

“If you ever have the opportunity to take one of Susan’s classes, don’t hesitate…you won’t regret it! She’s great!”
— Diane Cook

“You have changed so many lives. Helping people to bring out the best in their art and finding talent they never believed they had is amazing.”
— Trish Hoskin