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What Some More Students Have Said About the Course …

“Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work, thank you for this AWESOME course, thank you for all the incredible bonus material, and thank you for showing me how to bring out the creative artist that was hiding inside me. This has taken my photography to an amazing level. Again Sebastian … thank you!!”
Steve M.
“THANK YOU! I found your course and it’s changed the way I do my photos and how I see the world. I’ve seen such a difference in my work. Thanks for touching my life!! :)
B. Case
“Sooooo impressed with the Course content and so excited I can’t sleep for things buzzing around in my head!
W. McGlinchey
“After reading about the Photoshop Artistry class in your newsletter last month I signed up for the class and I am LOVING it! I am thrilled that you let me know about it. It is probably the most useful and exciting class I have ever taken online.
S. Fraser
I have learned more about Photoshop from your videos than anything else I have come across.
Kevin T.
“Oh gosh! Thank you so much for this amazing course you have created. What an incredible, delicious gift of absolute awesomeness! I am stunned and so grateful. Words are too tiny to express how excited I am to learn the techniques and approaches your are offering in this amazing course!  The bonus content looks amazing! I am so grateful for all your amazing, generous work! And for all the photoshop adventures to come!  Sending you very best wishes Sebastian! ”
“I want to tell you I’ve never encountered a course with so much wonderful information.  You are so generous to keep posting new videos.  Every time I enter the site, it’s like Christmas!  Thank you so much!”
Marilyn G.
“The course is awesome!   It was just the push I needed to continue my Photoshop journey.  I have admired other people’s art — and now I can create my own.   … I have sooo sooo many ideas that I need to shoot and bring back into the Fine Art world.  Again THANK YOU for developing this workshop!   It’s the greatest!   (And I love how you are continuing to create more content for us students.)”
“I also wanted to mention that you are WAY under pricing this course!  The only reason I know that for a fact is that I do that myself with most of my own workshops.  The information you’ve shared thru just the beginning of module 2 is worth in excess of $350.  I know that when you’re at the beginning of getting your name known you want to build an audience but I hope that once you are known as the PS guru of grunge you consider bumping the course up to the $599 mark which is really where it should be now!”
C. Sadowski
“How exciting to compare what I am doing now with what I was doing just a few weeks ago. And when I look at some of the stuff I attempted a few years ago it is just pitiful! :)”
T. Fleckney
“This is relentless, just one cool video after another, drenched with awesome-sauce. I seriously want to buy you a beer.”
Jago G.
“I am just loving this course. It has given me back some lost passion and excitement to my photography work. Up to Module 3 and there are not enough hours in the day! My photo club run quarterly salons and I am so excited to enter with some new compositions. Thanks Sebastian, you work so hard!”
J. Goudsblom
I can’t get over how good you are at teaching!  As an older student, I thank you for being specific about the processes you have developed. You have a wonderful program and I truly appreciate your skills as a teacher!”
S. Chapman
“This is really addicting, you know?!”
Cindy H.
“You have set a VERY high bar for teaching and being extremely clear in your instruction, so I now measure everyone’s workshops by those standards!”
L. Renner
“Your course is the best training experience I have watched/read/taken on Photo Art – using PSE 11.  As a subscriber of ‘Elements’, your course is leaps and bounds superior!  I am accessing your lessons at my own speed.  My first step is to simply watch and listen; then I repeat the lesson and take notes; next I print your ‘Tips page’ and finally I practice on my own images.  I have learned an incredible amount about the functions of PSE 11.  My efforts are beginning to gather artistic values too.  I carry a note pad as recommended and simply jot down ideas. I have downloaded the Bonus Files.  These are a tremendous bonu$ value!  Your response to my questions has been l fast and spot on!  I am so pleased I signed on!  Best $$ I have ever spent on training!
Richard D.
“Many, MANY thanks, for this fabulous course. On a scale of 1-10, it’s a 12! You rock, Sebastian!”
Ian T.
“I’m positively blown away by what you are able to do in Photoshop.  I have learned so much in this class.   Your videos are amazing and your teaching skills so clear and concise.  Thanks for a great class!!”
Marilyn G.
“I LOVE YOUR CLASS! You are the most talented artist/teacher I know! I have not yet finished the class working still telling everyone how great it is. You teach things that I just would never have thought to do. This class is essential to any artist. … You really are AWESOME!!!”
Teddi R.